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Historic Car Racing Team, Coaching, Race Car Preparation And Repair, Transport And Storage To And From The Track

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Our historic car racing team

Classic Racing School’s competition team maintains, sets up and transports historic racecars, whilst also providing coaching on driver’s demand, delivering a full arrive and drive package so drivers can focus instead on what matters: racing.

We specialize in historic race cars, from sports prototypes to racecars and single seaters, being able to also store our clients cars in our workshops.

Crosslé 16F Formula Ford

Crosslé 16F Formule Ford châssis 16F-70-29

The Crosslé 16F belonged to Tommy Reid, former Crosslé works driver. Powered by a Ford Kent engine developping 105 bhp, only 40 units of the 16F have ever been built, and this one is number 29. They have all been built in Holywood, Northern Ireland at the Crosslé factory, of which 13 were exported to the United States to take part in the local Formula Ford championships.

Lotus 20 /22

The Lotus 20/22 is a Formula Junior, a category that ran between 1958 and 1964. Sporting very intricate chassis but simple running gear to reduce costs. The regulations at the time called for a 1000 cm³ engine size matched to a 360 kg weight, or 1100 cm³ to 400 kg.These races took place all over Europe, with a European championship, regional championships in England, France..

Crosslé 20F Formula Ford

Crosslé 20F Formule Ford châssis 20F-71-08

The Crosslé 20F is Crosslé’s second Formula Ford model, following in the footsteps of the 16F. For this mode, 26 have been produced, and of which 16 have been exported to various countries. This particular chassis is one of the first chassis to leave the factory. Very similar to the 16F model, it sports a different body which allows it to have a better engine cooling system.

Lotus XI S2

Lotus XI S2 châssis SN 339

This exact chassis has finished 4th overall in the 1956 Sebring 12 Hours. To reach this result, the Lotus used its lightness (meaning less fuel consumption and mechanical wear) to make its way up in the grid against high-powered Ferraris and Porsches. It finished 1st in the 1100 cm³ class, making it the best ever result ever recorded by Team Lotus in an endurance race.

Crosslé 9S Zetec

Crosslé 9S Zetec

The 9S is a sports prototype that began its career in 1966, as a Crosslé’s answer to under 2L class “Group 6” category for sports protoype cars. Its a model that has won a lot of races in its time, using usually a BMW M10 engine or a Lotus Twin cam engine, our model uses a Ford Zetec engine and races in the French historic racing championship ( Historic Tour), available to rent.

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Maintenance, chassis and engine setup

Our technical know how will make sure your race car is ready for the track to perform at its best.

race car team rental and sales

Racecar rental and sales

Whether you’re looking to purchase a specific race car or want to rent one of our race cars, we have a solution.

Car transport and storage

We can provide you with transport solutions to each track, as well as offering a storage solution.


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All inclusive race support

We prepare, maintain and repair historic race cars so they are ready for the next race, transport them safely to any track and can provide with coaching if requested.

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Our speciality

We work with all types of historic race cars, from Lotus single seaters, a Sebring winning Lotus Eleven, to vintage Crosslé Formula Fords and sports prototypes.

Driver coaching

Our team of professional instructors is available for personalized coaching so you can improve your driving level, regardless of your driving level.

Historic racecar purchasing services

Looking for a particular type of race car? Our team can help you find what you’re looking for, and inspecting it for you before purchasing.