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Classic Racing School is built on one thing: Passion for historic racing

Be coached by our team of expert instructors

The Classic Racing School team is made of people share the love for historic motorsports. From Pikes Peak and Caterham championship winner Vicent Beltoise, to single seater veteran and Alpine GT4 winner Pierre Sancinéna, you’ll be in safe hands with our instructors. Off track, you’ll find our team to be ready to make you relax and have a good time. Whether you’re a driver looking to achieve a life-long dream of learning how to race in the ’60s or a company wanting to create an unforgettable event, our team will make sure your day will be one you’ll never forget.

What our clients say

” The best racing school today! A great team, exceptional cars, a magnificent setting..Total immersion, felt like a ’60s racing driver, it was just awesome! “

— Benjamin CORY

“An absolutely perfect time travelling experience. We trusted the Classic Racing School team to make our father’s childhood dream come true and the experience lived up to every promise.”

— Xavier Lamboursin

 ” Where usually the quality of service starts decreasing, this experience bucks the general trend. The team is exceptional. The attention given to the client is much higher than what I am used to seeing.”

— Raphael Machery

Our team

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Julien Chaffard

Engineer by trade, Julien fell in love with the golden age of racing early on, where the drivers, the mentality of the time and the look of the sixties made for an era we all crave to go back to. A dream that would come true whilst studying in Lyon, Julien came up with the idea of the world’s first historic racing school, allowing drivers to go back in time to the sixties with vintage Formula cars and in one of the world’s most beautiful circuits, the Charade circuit. You’ll find him on all of our driving days, with a smile and happy to speak for hours about vintage racing.

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Victor Piat

His passion will forever be Le Mans, but when Victor learnt about the world of vintage racing and Classic Racing School, it didn’t take him long to qui his previous job to work with us in our commercial side with corporate clients. entreprises. With an excellent way to speak to people, Victor finds our clients needs and gives them exactly what they want, to create an event they won’t forget. Victor is today a shareholder of the company and an excellent driver on track.

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Alvaro Ogando

With an unusual Automotive Design background, Alvaro turned down a job working for a prestigious design center to work with Classic Racing School. The project was so unique to him that he had no choice but to join the team, working in marketing and communications. Still involved in arts and design in his free time, Alvaro make sure our communication reflects the young spirit of Classic Racing School, as well as being in charge of content creation. Half-English, Half-Portuguese, he also speaks French, taking charge of international clients in our driving days and international development.

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Ariane Aufauvre

From Clermont, Ariane is the only local of the team. After having done a 6 months internship while studying at ESC Clermont, she is part of our team today, making sure our events and driving days go without a hitch and with the best customer experience. Always in a good mood and with a smile on her face, she also works with our clients to create corporate events.

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Hugo Perroud

The latest person to join our team in March 2020. Young, dynamic, passionate for competition and Porsche, with which he has learnt many of his skills, he is responsible for the setup and maintenance of our school and racing team single seaters, as well as logistics responsible for racing events. Minute and organized, Hugo will make sure your single seater will be in perfect condition and ready to use during your day.

Our instructors

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Pierre Sancinéna

With us since the creation of the school Pierre i is an INSA  mechanical engineer and a pro driver. Working for RenaultSport as a development driver, he also drives in the GT4 and Alpine Cup championships (winning both championships), LMP3s and has more than 10 years of racing experience. He brings with him his experience and passion, with a calm approach and valuable feedback to the day’s students.

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Vincent Beltoise

Vincent is one of Classic Racing School’s earliest supporters. An INSA engineer, where he first met Julien, Beltoise started his racing career in the Caterham France championship. A driver with tremendous experience on track (Pikes Peak, Porsche Cup, Trophée Andros, LMP3, GT4, Alpine Cup). Besides being a talented racedriver, he is also Jean-Pierre Beltoise’s nephew, famous for his stint in F1 in the 60’s and 70’s.

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Romain Sarrazin

A natural driving talent, Romain finished iecond in the famous Rallye Jeune, aged just 19, and no other racing experience. He then won the 2015 GT Academy competition, and joined the official Nissan team in the Blancpain championship, having raced in the 24H of Nurburgring, Spa, and many other challenging races against some of the world’s best racers.  He joined the Classic Racing School team in 2017.

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Stéphane Brunetti

Stéphane is a well known driver in the French Formula Ford paddock. A skilled driver, he helps our team setting up our racing cars, as well as being an AFMA instructor, Stéphane is often present in our driving days and there’s a chance you’ll see him at some of the track’s iconic corners, keeping an eye on you so you know how to improve your driving.

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Jean-Michel Verdier

Also present since the opening of the school in 2017, Jean-Michel was bitten hard by the racing bug years ago. With his good humour and passion for racing, he will show you how to improve at the iconic Charade circuit in a calm and easy to understand way, so you can enjoy your time on track and progress at the same time.

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Yves Segal

In charge of track safety and an instructor on our driving days, Yves knows the Charade circuit like no one else, thanks to 25 years of experience. Like Jean-Michel, he has been with us since the start of the Classic Racing School adventure in 2017, and will make sure you’ll enjoy your time on track in a safe way.

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Laurent Fradetal

An AFMA teacher, Laurent is one of our most experienced instructors. With flawless teaching skills that are made for every level of driving, this former European Formula Ford champion and racer will pass on to you all the skills he’s learnt throughout his career so you can enjoy driving our single seaters and learn as much as possible.

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Malivaï Castelli

Patrick Bourguignon’s nephew, Malivaï grew up in the racing world. HTC driver on Peter Auto events, he’s a racing fan with driving skills. Part of the team since the start of 2020 as an AFMA instructor in training, also setting up the Classic Racing Team’s cars and guiding customers in the racing world.

Adapted coaching

Whether you’re an inexperienced driver looking to drive on track for the first time or a racing veteran with plenty of experience, our team of instructors will adapt the program to you so you can enjoy your time behind the wheel of our single seaters and improve your driving level. Before you arrive on track, we will ask you about your level of driving and previous driving experience so we can adapt the day’s coaching to you.



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    Crosslé 90F single seaters

    Especially built for us by the original factory in Northern Ireland, we have 10 Crosslé 90F single seaters that have been recreated and modernized for us, based on their 1969 Crosslé 16F.

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    An authentic ’60s immersion

    A characterful lounge with chesterfields, a welcoming bar, vintage racing memorabilia, everything feet away from the track to transport you to a 100% retro atmosphere, one you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

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    Polyvalence and security

    A racing school for every level of driving. Our single seaters might look vintage, but their ’60s look are deceiving: They are more spacious, safer and more driver friendly than the 1969 original, being able to accomodate all levels of driving and sizes.

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    The right look

    Your driving equipment is waiting for you in your dedicated locker. FIA homologated, this vintage themed racing equipment will keep you confortable, while looking positively sixties.

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