Discover Classic Racing School’s advanced coaching driving experience

The advanced coaching driving experience is the most advanced program offered by Classic Racing School. But what does it involve? Is it really different from standard programs? Find out all about this unique experience in this article.

Classic Racing School's advanced coaching driving experience
What’s the advanced coaching driving experience by Classic Racing School? (©Joris Clerc)

How does the advanced coaching driving experience work?

At Classic Racing School, the advanced coaching driving experience is available in two versions. The Chris Amon program, named after the driver who set the fastest lap in Formula 1 on the Charade circuit, takes place over one day. The Jackie Stewart program, which pays tribute to the only driver to have won twice in F1 at Charade, takes place over two days.

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In the morning, Classic Racing School will meet you at 8am to start the day. When you arrive, your complete driver’s outfit is waiting for you in the checkroom bearing your name. Everything is already ready for you, thanks to the e-mail we sent you beforehand asking for your measurements. What’s more, our team also sends you two guides in advance of your driving program. The Driver’s Guide gives you all you need to know about the car, safety rules and on-track behavior. The Track Guide answers all your questions about Charade: ideal racing line, braking points, gear changes…

Classic Racing School's advanced coaching driving experience.
First: our briefing to discover the history of the Crosslé 90F and how to drive it (©Gauvin Lapetoule)

Then it’s time for the briefing: over a delicious breakfast of pastries, fruits and juices, our instructors explain the history and driving of our historic single-seaters. The theoretical briefing is followed by the first reconnaissance laps in a sedan. While the Track Guide is a good tool to help you get to grips with the circuit, nothing beats a proper reconnaissance, at low speed, to understand the challenges Charade has to offer.

After settling into the single-seater and receiving final instructions from the instructors, it’s time for the first session behind the pace car. The first laps are used to understand how the car works and to get to grips with the track. For the second session, the pace car disappears, leaving you alone on the track, in total autonomy.

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That’s why every break between driving sessions includes video analysis sessions with our instructors. Thanks to the GoPro cameras installed on the single-seaters, our coaches analyze your driving technique and help you correct your mistakes. Each analysis session is an opportunity to see the progress you’ve made compared with previous driving sessions, but also to fine-tune advice to help you reach the best possible level behind the wheel.

Classic Racing School's advanced coaching driving experience.
Between each session, our coaches analyze your technique thanks to the onboard cameras (©Benjamin Fournier)

At noon, lunch featuring local specialities will be served directly in the pitlane, as close as possible to the cars. In the afternoon, new driving and video analysis sessions await you, this time with an on-board timing device to measure your progress.

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In the evening, our private trackside lounge will serve you a locally-flavored aperitif, while our team will present you with your driver’s diploma and a whole host of surprises contained in our Driver’s Pack. For Chris Amon drivers, it’s time to say goodbye, but for the ones on the Jackie Stewart experience, it’s bis repetita the next day! A few days after your experience, you’ll also receive your photos and videos, so you can relive this historic experience from the comfort of your own home.

What’s the difference with standard programs?

The standard programs (Innes Ireland half-day or Jim Clark full-day) do not offer the same content as the advanced coaching driving experience.

Classic Racing School's advanced coaching driving experience.
Put yourself into a Sixties driver’s shoes with our advanced coaching driving experience (©Joris Clerc)

The advanced coaching driving experience offers you a number of advantages. First of all, the number of driving sessions is higher: you’ll spend 2 hours 20 minutes behind the wheel on the Chris Amon program (advanced coaching) versus 2 hours on the Jim Clark program (standard full-day).

On an advanced coaching course, you’ll be in a smaller group with a maximum of 12 drivers. This smaller number gives you greater freedom on the track, and better case-by-case support from our instructors. On a standard full day, the number of participants can go up to 18.

Besides, as mentioned above, the advanced coaching course includes video analysis sessions and timed laps, two options not available on standard programs. Below is a table comparing our two program families:

Standard programsAdvanced coaching programs
Sessions (per day)67
Maximum drivers1812
Video analysis
Timed laps

Standard or advanced coaching driving experience: which one should I choose?

On paper, the advanced coaching driving experience is more complete and offers optimum conditions for enjoying our historic single-seaters. Nevertheless, it is more expensive. To find out which type of program is right for you, it’s important to know what your objective is when you visit Classic Racing School.

Classic Racing School's advanced coaching driving experience.
The advanced coaching driving experience is the perfect way to improve your technique at the wheel of a single-seater (©Joris Clerc)

Although the advanced coaching driving experience is more complete, it’s important to emphasize that it’s open to all levels. Whether you’ve driven a single-seater before or not, all our experiences are accessible to all, thanks to the personalized, tailored instructions of our coaches.

However, if your main aim is to discover the Charade circuit and the driving of a historic single-seater, the standard full-day (Jim Clark) or half-day (Innes Ireland) programs are more suited to your objectives. If you’d like to get to grips with a historic single-seater while improving your driving technique, our full-day (Chris Amon) or two-day (Jackie Stewart) advanced coaching driving experiences will meet your expectations.

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