Our concept

An Exception to the Rules

our concept

An Exception to the Rules

Reinventing Driving Experiences

Among these moments that have marked the history of motorsport, the golden age is closely linked to the purity of the lines of true works of art which were actually designed only for performance. A time when conviviality reigned within the paddocks.

Although this time belongs today to the heritage of motorsport, there are many dreams that we do not give up.

Take the fabulous atmosphere of the 60’s and resurrect it in an atmosphere inspired by the codes of this era. Ride on one of the most legendary circuits in the world, driving racing cars with an emblematic and timeless soul.


Thus, the historic experience takes place behind the wheel of the Crosslé as in the paddocks, and seems out of time.

The time to discover a place steeped in historical patrimony, to discuss with a community of enthusiasts and professional drivers, the time to sit around a meal at midday, enjoying a journey back in time.

Welcome to the Classic Racing School. A memorable experience that federates historic racing cars and art of living.

Emotions like nowhere else, for a unique experience in the world.

An experience based on four pillars

Historic race cars

Crosslé 90F – Crosslé 9S

Developed in the 60’s by the Nord-Irish manufacturer Crosslé, the 90F single seater and 9S Sportcar are emblematic of an era where driving and aesthetics went hand in hand. Authentic feelings guaranteed on these two models!

Typical “cigar-shape” car from the 60’s, the Crosslé 90F is an historic Formula Ford reissued at our request by its original manufacturer: The Crosslé Car Company. Designed and built in Northern Ireland according to the drawings of 1969, it is a unique model in the world, exclusively made for the Classic Racing

Prototype designed in 1965, the Crosslé 9S has kept the spirit and original lines of the 60’s while adopting a modern and reliable Ford Zetec engine, guaranteeing a powerful and authentic historic driving experience.


A lengendary racing track


The sole French mountain circuit

Located close to Clermont-Ferrand at the foot of Puy-de- Dôme, the circuit is a monument of French motor culture. Hosted 4 F1 Grands Prix between 1965 and 1972 and welcomed the biggest names of its time: Moss, Stewart, Ickx …

It is a circuit particularly complete, technical and pleasant to drive on.

A genuine atmosphere

From the sixties

A journey back in time

Right on the pitlane, concrete paddocks were turned into a luxurious sixties-inspired lounge. In its cozy atmosphere, on leather Chesterfield sofas, we invite you to rest between sessions and to let yourself slipping into the shoes of a gentleman driver.

An unprecedented historical immersion in the automotive world.

A top-of-the-line philosophy

Pleasure and progress

The high-end with professional drivers

Too often limited to a simple succession of laps, the Classic Racing School aims to recreate driving experience and bring a touch of luxury. Thus, the experience is lived behind the wheel as well as off-track and every moment is appreciated for a day of strong sensations without break.

Prepare yourself for a bunch of Intense memories

Travel through time with the Crosslé 90F.

Let yourself be guided through the Classic Racing School’s concept :

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