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Max. 12 drivers

•  3 Laps around the Charade circuit
•  Experience the Crosslé 9S: a race winning 60’s sportsprototype
•  240 bhp from a race tuned Zetec engine and just 550 kgs, on racing tires.
•  Driven by one of our experienced race drivers
•  Gopro onboard footage of your experience

Starting from 150€ VAT inc. per passenger

The experience lasts from 20 to 30 minutes, with clients welcome to stay in the lounge for the remainder of the day.


Passenger must :

  • Be at least 14 years old

What our clients say about us

” The best racing school today! A great team, exceptional cars, a magnificent setting..Total immersion, felt like a ’60s racing driver, it was just awesome! “

— Benjamin Cory

 “Absolutely perfect time travelling experience. We trusted the Classic Racing School team to make our father’s childhood dream come true and the experience lived up to every promise.”

— Xavier Lamboursin

 ” Where usually the quality of service starts decreasing, this experience bucks the general trend. The team is exceptional. The attention given to the client is much higher than what I am used to seeing.”

— Raphael Machery

Logo Classic Racing Group

Crosslé 90F single seaters

Especially built for us by the original factory in Northern Ireland, we have 10 Crosslé 90F single seaters that have been recreated and modernized for us, based on their 1969 Crosslé 16F.

Logo Classic Racing Group

An authentic ’60s immersion

A characterful lounge with chesterfields, a welcoming bar, vintage racing memorabilia, everything feet away from the track to transport you to a 100% retro atmosphere, one you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Logo Classic Racing Group

Polyvalence and security

A racing school for every level of driving. Our single seaters might look vintage, but their ’60s look are deceiving: They are more spacious, safer and more driver friendly than the 1969 original, being able to accomodate all levels of driving and sizes.

Logo Classic Racing Group

The right look

Your driving equipment is waiting for you in your dedicated locker. FIA homologated, this vintage themed racing equipment will keep you confortable, while looking positively sixties.