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You dreamed about it? We did it..!

You dreamed about it ? We did it ..!

Most exceptional stories are usually linked to passion. Through this few lines, we invite you to discover the dream achievement we want to share with every motorsport enthusiast of the golden era: the sixties.

August 2015 : Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur region

As an engineer working for a private Formula 1 team not far from Saint Tropez, Julien made is first meeting with the thing that will probably change his life: a single seater from the sixties.

For him, it is difficult to describe the desire he felt for the car. In love with the pure “cigar shape” lines as well as the beauty of the whole object, it is not really the will of speed he wanted to achieve but rather a feeling of contemplation mixed to the simple pleasure to get close to the car that triggered the idea of the future concept.

An idea secretly kept at the beginning but shortly encouraged by some of the biggest iconic motorsport families, from the Beltoises to the Laffites, going through the Depaillers. Then, the idea transformed itself into concept.

From one meeting to the next, the concept was born, always with the discretion required. This is how Morgan Pezzo, a young engineer and above all an unwavering car lover joined the team in May 2016.

A complementary duo, whose ambitions will be quickly felt.

After few months, the concept basis are set in accordance with the initial vision shared by our two founders: to give the possibility to re-live the sensations of racing drivers from the sixties, in an authentic atmosphere with legendary partners: a mythical racing track alongside a racing car manufacturer always in activity with spectacular winning records.

With the same commitment to highlight our historical patrimony, the Charade circuit is quickly seduced by the concept and open his doors for a first worldwide: to build on the pitlane, inside the racing box a loft to welcome customers and to take care of racing cars to enjoy an immersive experience on site, with the total privatization during the dedicate driving days.

In the same time, the two founders took the direction of the United Kingdom to meet the older racing car manufacturer always in activity and in the same facilities since 1957: the Crosslé Car Company. Convinced by the know-how from this North Irland craftsmen’s that produced competitive single seaters from Formula Ford to Formula 2, a handshake will give birth to a unique series of 8 chassis that will be built in the original mold from the 1969 model: The Crosslé 90F.

A solid friendship was then created between Crosslé and The Classic Racing School during summer 2016, wearing common ambitions to allow every passionate driver to take the steering-wheel of unique museum pieces in an outstanding natural and preserved framework.

The opening of the Classic Racing School has been planned in July 2017 and the reveal of the car in London the 23rd of February of the same year was a moment full of symbol, representing the beginning of the activity and his funding.

Worn by the dynamic from local personalities as well as the confidence of the car owners, the Classic Racing School officially opened his doors the 15th of July on the Charade racing track after an inaugural event concentrating passionate people from all over the world.

Since then, the Classic Racing School is an unavoidable meeting place for every single racing car enthusiast wishing to put himself in the shoes of great champions that make him dream as a child.

A strong community, whose human values and motorsport make together special moments for our customers to become ambassadors of this way of life.

What about you ?

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