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A racing school in a true 60’s spirit.

Race into the Golden age of Motorsports

Motorsports history is marked by the ‘60s: the golden age of the sport. Race cars were elegant works of art and the drivers were the artists that danced on the limit of car control. The ambiance in the paddock was one of conviviality and fun. Our goal? 

To bring back the 1960’s racing atmosphere with our historic-based Formula Ford and one-of-a-kind trackside vintage lounge, and create the world’s first historic racing school. So put your helmet on and channel your inner Jim Clark with our racing school program as you will learn to race like the hero’s of the sixties did! 

Get behind the wheel of a 1960’s icon

Every great racer started in a Formula Ford.

Crosslé 90F- 110bhp- 420kg- 2.0L Zetec engine- 4-speed gearbox

Developed in 2017 by the Northern Irish company Crosslé, the 90F is a single seater based on the 1969 16F Crosslé: Crosslé took the existing plans of the 16F, a competitive sixties Formula Ford and recreated it with a modern twist to provide more safety, driver space and reliability, but with the same driving sensations and speed as the 1969 original. With low weight and historic semi-slick racing tires, it’s the perfect way to learn the essence of racing. 

A racing car with old school driving sensations and modern safety.

 What’s not to like?

Charade: A French icon

4kms-18 corners- 4 French Formula 1 GPs between 1965 and 1972

A unique driving experience wouldn’t be complete without an iconic track. A monument of the golden age of motorsports, Charade started out as a road based race with drivers like Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart and Jochen Rindt conquering it. Today, with a length of 4kms and full of elevation changes, corners whilst being in the middle of the Auvergne regional volcano park, it’s guaranteed to give you the thrills you seek.

Choose your track

For private groups and corporate clients 

Classic Racing School can move at your demand to one of our multiple partner circuits around France and Spain: Circuit des Ecuyers- Circuit du Laquais- Circuit de Calafat (Spain)- Circuit du Grand Sambuc and other circuits so you can live the racing experience anywhere you want. 

An authentic atmosphere

Travel back in time with our vintage track side lounge, period correct race suits and furniture

Our trackside lounge, with a sixties inspired premium lounge, leather Chesterfield couches, vintage memorabilia and music to set the atmosphere. It’s the ideal environment to spend your day in when not in the cockpit of one of our Crosslés.  Only steps away from the start and finish line, it’s where you will have your briefing and coaching, lunch and the end of the day celebration cocktails. 

A real time travel racing experience. 

For the racer in you

Professional instructors – Complete vintage experience – 

Looking to start racing or to improve your skills behind the wheel?  At Classic Racing School, you’ll get to learn driving techniques and improve your skills behind the wheel of our vintage single seater – What better way to learn and improve than on tried and tested formula that teaches drivers the racing essentials?  

Learn with our professional instructors as they use their racing background to teach you and help you improve throughout the day. 

Travel back in time behind the wheel of one of our Crosslés

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