Immortalize the experience


Images full of nostalgia, within easy reach.


Developed exclusively for the Classic Racing School, the Crosslé 90F is a “cigar-shaped” single-seater, a tailor-made 60s Ford formula,  to resuscitate the sensations of that time.

A whole atmosphere

Enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the 60s, in a friendly space that puts at ease and encourages exchanges between enthusiasts.

The lounge

True center of life throughout the day, the  Lounge recreates the typical paddock atmosphere of the late 1960s.

After each driving session, it gathers friends and families, for pure moments of pleasure. Conviviality above all!

Auto details

Entirely tailor-made, the Crosslé 90F retains the iconic line of the time, for an authentic experience.

Its lightness and the rigidity of its chassis give it a dynamic behavior of an unusual agility. The 4-speed manual gearbox is identical to the ones used in the 60’s and the interior has been slightly enlarged for more comfort.

On track

On our single-seaters and on our sports car prototype, experience unparalleled sensations: the accelerations are frank and the skids exhilarating. Pleasure and adrenaline guaranteed.

Classic Racing Group