Way more than a racing school … a unique immersive experience

The Classic Racing School is a French historic driving concept dedicated to make enthusiasts driving through the sixties in an authentic retro atmosphere along with the finest sense of details.

It allows enthusiasts to drive resuscitated racing single-seaters from the 60’s- the Crosslé 90F – on the legendary mountain circuit of Charade near Clermont-Ferrand for a whole day. Get immersed in the atmosphere of the golden age with vintage outfits and a retro lounge designed according to the codes of the sixties, with professional pilots as instructors.

This unique concept is a high-end recreational offer unseen in the world of motorsport : Reliving the intensity and beauty of the golden age of motor sport – the 60s – immersed in a
friendly atmosphere designed to evoke a journey back in time.

The Classic Racing School :

if you ever dreamt about it, well, we did it.

A day based on four pillars

Historic Single Seaters

The Crosslé 90F and 9S are typical racing cars from the sixties. Designed in Northern Ireland by the manufacturer Crosslé according to its original drawings, they are real machines to travel back in time.

A Legendary Track

Located near Clermont-Ferrand, Charade is the only French mountain circuit and probably one of the most beautiful in the world. Jackie Stewart, Jochen Rindt and Jim Clark won in Formula 1 here.


An Authentic Atmosphere

Get into the golden age of motorsport in a retro lounge by the side of the pitlane and wear on an iconic Sixties look. You have become a gentleman driver ready to hit the track.

Clients de la Classic Racing School en combinaisons vintage

A Premium Philosophy

During one day, drive 100 km on Charade and progress with the advice of our professional racing drivers. Friendly on-site meal, video, meetings : a complete experience.

Take Place behind the wheel

like a true Gentlemen driver

Our offerS : From packages to custom turn key services

Public Offer

Opened to enthusiasts and amateurs from all horizons and at all levels, the Classic Racing School offers immersive driving experiences in the 1960s, from half to whole day experience.

Expérience de pilotage privée

Private and Personalized Event

For a highly personalized experience integrated with a comprehensive program on the region, go for an extraordinary private event with friends or family.

Corporate Event

Organize a unique event that will surprise your employees and leave them intense memories : the image of your company will remain associated.

The historic art of driving pleasure

approached as a time travel.

Location : where to find us

The Classic Racing School is located on the Circuit de Charade, near Clermont-Ferrand,
France. It is accessible via Clermont-Ferrand International airport.

Accessible : by train (2h15) and by car (2h).

Accessible : by train (3h30), by plane(1h) and by car (4h).

Accessible : by train (4h30 via Lyon), by car (4h).

Accessible by plane (1h40 to Lyon) then by train (2h15 to Clermont)

Accessible by plane to Clermont-Ferrand (1h45 flight) or by plane to Lyon (1h40 flight to Lyon then 2h30 of train to Clermont-Ferrand).

Classic Racing Group