Much more than a simple racing school

Ever been to a racing school that takes you back in time? Set in our unique 1960’s atmosphere and using our Historic-based single seater race cars,you will learn track and performance driving with our driving programs created for beginners, advanced drivers as well as large groups and companies. 

Our racing programs

Want to take your driving to the next level? From beginner to seasoned racer, our driving programs are designed to improve your level of driving on track. Coached by our experienced instructors, you will improve your performance driving and level of track confidence in a unique atmosphere. You can also customize your driving program by privatizing the track for you or a group of people, with added coaching.
We also have programs for seminars, team building and corporate events, being able to create unique, customized events around motorsport, around our concept and on various race tracks throughout Europe.

Discover our racing school in pictures

Pictures say more than a thousand words, so see for yourself what the Classic Racing School racing days and experience are all about. 

A team of passionate people

The Classic Racing School team is comprised of dedicated people, that believe in simplicity, conviviality and innovation. The atmosphere that comes from our core values enhance the relationships we have with our clients, resulting in truly memorable driving days.

Slide behind the wheel

like a Gentleman driver

Location: How to find us

Classic Racing School is based on the Charade Circuit, on the Puy-de-Dôme, Clermont-Ferrand. It’s accessible through the Clermont-Ferrand airport.

Accessible by train (2H) or by car (2H30)

Accessible by train (3H30), airplane (1H) or by car (4H)

Accessible by train (4H30 via Lyon) or by car (4H)

Direct flights from to Clermont-Ferrand (1H45) or to Lyon (2H30) and a train from Lyon to Clermont-Ferrand (2H15)

Direct flights to Clermont-Ferrand (1H45) or to Lyon (1H40 and 2H30 drive to Clermont-Ferrand)

Classic Racing Group