Continuing the tradition

Located in the ex-Auvergne Moteurs workshop, previously home to Philippe Gardette the renowned Ferrari specialist, Classic Racing Garage is set to continue the tradition. Run by passionate people, for passionate people, we offer our unique services to maintain, repair or run your historic road or race car. Our know-how, dynamism, passion and  network of partners will give you an unrivalled experience at Classic Racing Garage.

What we do

We can maintain and repair any type of collectible, historic or competition car, as well as prepare and set up historic competition cars with the help of our engineer development drivers. We can also store and prepare historic competition cars for competition, transport them to tracks, maintain and support them throughout race meetings, and provide driver coaching. 

Location: Where to find us

The Classic Racing Garage is located in Beaumont, in the outskirts of Clermont-ferrand and the Puy-de-Dôme. It’s accessible via the Clermont-Ferrand airport, by road or train.

Accessible by train (2H) or by car (2H30)

Accessible by train (3H30), airplane (1H) or by car (4H)

Accessible by train (4H30 via Lyon) or by car (4H)

Direct flights from to Clermont-Ferrand (1H45) or to Lyon (2H30) and a train from Lyon to Clermont-Ferrand (2H15)

Classic Racing Garage:

Maintaining your passion

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